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Top 10 Fundraising Tips

1) Set a goal and organize a plan to achieve it. If your goal seems to be easily obtainable, raise it and challenge yourself and your group.

2) Form a list of potential customers. They are the people that you see on a regular basis. Contact family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church members, ect.

3) Use social media to spread the word of your fundraiser and reach more potential customers who normally may not hear of your efforts. Post the information on your organization’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4) Do not wait until the last minute. Set up your fundraiser weeks in advance and organize all information for easy distribution to participants.

5) Offer incentives to your students/participants. This works especially well for grade school aged children. Give them a reason to want to fundraise, and get them excited. Encourage friendly competition between individuals, groups, and/or classes.

6) Make it well known to everyone involved what your fundraiser is for. Whether for a class trip, new sports equipment, or a principals fund. People are more willing to purchase something when they know what the money is going for.

7) GET THE PARENTS INVOLVED! Make things easy for them, while also giving as much information as possible. Families these days are busy, so the less time they need to spend on your fundraiser the better. Some parents will see and read the flier, but a lot will not. Reach out and get their attention by setting up a meeting or send an email to them that includes all of the information, fliers, and order forms. You will be surprised how many parents will get involved after direct contact

8) Promote your sale at an event or school function. Kick the sale off at a talent show, PTO meeting, or a specific sporting event. Offer samples so everyone can see and taste exactly what they will be selling and purchasing.

9) Always carry fundraising materials with you. You never know who you may run into throughout the day, so keep your fliers and order form handy. It never hurts to ask anyone!

10) Do not over fundraise. If you are going to run multiple fundraisers per year, schedule them accordingly and limit it to one each season. If you run organized and planned fundraisers, you will raise more money than selling nonstop throughout the year.